Even though the potential growth of Industry still demanding to achieve and sustain from various problems like the availability of raw materials, Breeding, Infections and other management errors mounting on to exploit the genetically potentiality of the Bird. Since two decades in Industry we are very much experience in the terms of battle against of diseases, nutrition utilization, and mixed results of vaccine, etc. makes our team brought to us challenge the problems of Industries.


ORCHID AVIAN PHARMA is having envisions to provide the poultry industry of India with high quality standards of herbal extractions performance enhancers, cheated minerals with amino acids, organic feed acidifiers which are non-absorbable by system to reduce the load of pathogens in the Gut and litter.

Organic water purifiers to protect the Gut microflora and acidification of litter which controls the flies hatch population. So in all this unique way we foresee the poultry industry of India emerging as a strong contributor to the National Economy and reduce the rural poverty.


“Our thoughts create our reality – where we put our focus is the direction we tend to go”.

NUTRITION – Feed additives, supplements, Libido enhancers, Performance enhancers.

IMMUNOMODULATORS – Most required for challenging the bio-security threats.

INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS – Rat eliminators for feed loss and diseases loss.


Our motto is to provide the best quality of the products with trust and confidence.


We have 20 years technical experience backup with a laboratory support and high level technical expertise to find out the problems and providing the perfect solutions.


To boost up the poultry industry with high technical solutions with indigenous low-cost manner to improve the performance of Bird and improving rural Economy is the real awards for us.