Libido++ contains pure herbal extractions with 14 herbs, which are natural and absolutely no harmful effects. In fact the long term use of this products, it is not Only increase the libido males and also as a good rejenuator of liver, detoxifier, and good Immunomodulator.

As a aphrodisiac character of the product is long lost, because of its effects on pituitary gland to release Gnrh, by the way the required sex hormones are naturally release by the bird responding to the environment. Hence the product effect is not as a synthetic of its short term effects with major side effects.

Libido++ is poultry feed supplement to optimise and maintain libido and semen Characters. The product contains unique nutrients to reinforce the vigour and vitality libido of the male.


  • Libido++ helps to growth and development of sex organs and increases the testicular functions and testosterone level.
  • Libido++ increases the concentration of energy and protein in the semen to facilitate the vital role of sperms.
  • Libido++ increases the motility and activity of the sperms along with increases the volume of semen in older age.


The overall effect of libido ++ to increase the growth and function of testes and other sexual organs. to increase and maintaining libido in the males and transform the characters of the males to chicks. To improve the hatchablity and quality of the chicks.


  • 1kg per tone for 10 days in the month after 45 weeks.
  • 2. To increase the overall performance 500gms pertone from 18th week to 24th week.