Monogastric animals like poultry must keep a low gastric pH to activate pepsinogen to pepsin, which is critical for protein digestion and inhibits pathogens. This cannot be reached or maintained under various conditions such as birds are young, or under sub-clinical stress. Pathogenic microbes computer with the birds for essential nutrients available in the feed, multiply in large numbers and cause harm to health and productivity of poultry By acidification of feed and digestive system, BACT O KILL controls the growth and multiplication of pathogenic organisms.

What is BACT O KILL?

BACT O KILL is acidifier for poultry feed, based on a powerful combination organic Acids and acid butter including Propionic acid, Lactic Acid, Fumaric Acid, Sorbic Acid, Calcium Propionate & Sodium Formate.


  • Improves the palatability of feed and thus feed intake.
  • Important in the control of salmonella and prevention of enteric disease.
  • Reduces the acid binding capacity of feed.
  • Controls the microbial contamination of feed via creating acidic conditions in the feed & the gut.


  • No withdrawal time
  • Completely Bio-degradable
  • No stringment smell of Acids
  • No antibiotic resistance
  • Non-corrosive
  • User-friendly


  • Safe and progressive intestinal acidification reduces the risk of enterotoxaemia.
  • Improves utilisation of trace elements due to chelation activity
  • Acidification, unlike antibiotics, does not result in acid residues or acid resistant organisms.
  • Acidification favours growth of Acidophilus bacterial flora that prevents growth of pathogens.
  • Improves effeciency of enzymes by enhancing release and utilisation of nutrients from feed.


Parameter Control Bact-O-Kill Difference
Wt. at start (10 days) 281 279 2
Wt. at start (42 days) 2148 2323 75
Total Wt. Gain 1786 1822 36
Feed Cosumption 3485 3400 45
FCR 1.95 1.89 -0.06

Mixing Rate
Feed with Low Risk 2kg per ton
Feed with High Risk 3kg per ton