Contains group of pure herbal extractions which are very essential for explore the genetical potentiality of the bird. The bird life when it start from hatch to end , GROW-FIT balancing the Gut motility, secretion of enzymes and makes gut vili for good absorption of the nutrients, after entering in to the system the main factor is Rejeunuator of the Hepatic cells, which are the basic in the bird, damage caused by not only mycotoxins and also using number of the synthetic chemicals in the feed and water.

The factor of the GROW-FIT makes more Rejuvenation, which in turn protect the bird not only by toxins and also stimulating the Bursa and T-Lymphocytes, by the way the bird reacts for antigen and become good immuno modulator.


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  • For rapid growth of Gut vili and good environment in Gastro-Intestinal.
  • For protect the Hepatic cells from all kind of toxins and good Rejuvenation.
  • For maximum utilization of Genetic Capabilities of the bird.
  • For stimulation of the Bursa and Bone-marrow for immuno-modulation.
  • Triggers the growth factors, which enhances the growth and production of the bird at later stage.
  • Herbs which are in product are Synergistically work with the Nutrient.


GROW-FIT given from 1st day to continous which makes the bird capable for more feed consumption up to 3rd week.


Parameters Group1 Group2
Carcus WT(G) 1383 1489
Dressing 70% 77%
Livability 94% 98%



Small Intestine Parameters in Height (mm) Control Treated
Deuodenum Villi 1039.03+_22.02 1074.89+_22.67
Jejunum Villi 0954.51+_13.92 1129.21+_25.61
Ileum Villa 0404.00+_13.91 429.280+_12.71


*For above all the observation continuous fed of GROW-FIT according to the prescription Rs 12/- bird is extra profit at the time of maturity of the bird, just by investing Rs 1.