Solubility is critical for trace minerals absorption. To maximize uptake, chelates and other complexes should be stable in the rumen and digestive tract of animals.

When inorganic mineral compounds typically in oxide or sulifide form, are released and ionized in the stomach’s low pH, the electrically charged forms of the minerals are able to react with other products of digestion.

How to feed Chelated trace minerals?

Chelated trace minerals are suitable for use in all species. They can replace 25-40% of the supplementary inorganic minerals as a means of providing highly available trace minerals.


Improved fertility and reproductive performance.

Role of Chelated trace minerals in animal Production

Trace minerals- zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, cobalt, iron, iodine etc.. are essential nutrients for all animals. they have a wide range of activities and functions within the body, being involved individually or collectively in general metabolism, reproduction, the immune system, growth, development and repair of various tissues and so on.

The benefits of feeding chelated Trace minerals

  • 100% Bio Availability
  • No fecal residue & Eco friendly
  • Immune Booster
  • Helps enzymes secretions
  • Reduce in stress & increases production
  • Good semen quality in males
  • Good carcass yield Better egg production & hatchability