Enhance the performance of POULTRY with 90% COATED SODIUM BUTYRAT


Effects EAA in broiler feeding programs

  • Increasing protein and AA levels improve performance broilers
  • Enhanced protein + AA levels in the starter diet increase weight gain of the bird.
  • FCR, breast and abdominal fat yield are mainly affected by protein + AA levels in
    the grower diet.

Improve gut integrity; Role of prestarter

  • Young birds have low bacterial species and activity in intestine
  • In first week strong development intestinal tract and immune system
  • A pre starter can help to develop good flora

Benefits – What to expect

  • Modifies intestinal flora
  • Increases the absorption surface for nutrients
  • Stimulates intestinal enzyme secretion
  • Maintains and improves intestinal immune functions
  • Improves digestion nutrients
  • Improves litter quality, reduced dirty eggs
  • Reduces risk for health problems
  • Improves performance Increases profitability


  • ORCHID PEARL 90 Coated is an essential additive for modern high producing
  • Creating optimal intestinal wall and balanced gut flora
  • Improve nutrient digestion and optimizing immune status
  • Improve animal performance and quality end-product

Increases profitability