Rat Eliminator is one of the RAT CONTROL PROGRAMME IN POULTRY Rodents, such as rats and mice, can be a major cost factor on the poultry farm because of the food that they eat and spoil with feces and urine, the damage they do to the housing and equipment and the diseases they may carry, that can result in flock health problems, staff health problems and/or food safety concerns regarding the products produced on the farm.

The Rodents are causing big economic loss for poultry industry and big threat for national food security
Following are the problems persisting from Rats:

Feed Loss

The rats are cussing feedloss by unperceptable way, Each rat consumes the 30 Gm fesh feed and makes the feed 4 times waste that meance 1000 rats farm makes 44 MT feed loss

Damage to Structure

Usually the rats makes barrow near the foundation of walls, Electrical Damage, Waterline Damage etc

Main Vectors for Diseases

The rats are carrying many pathogenic organisms like salmonella, pasterulla, IBD, and others from litter and other sources

Eats Eggs and Birds

The big rats are usually eats night laying farm at night makes the birds to fearness and die and production loss Rodent infestations on poultry farms can result in economic loss in a number of ways


Baiting is a control method that uses rodenticides (chemicals which are poisonous to rodents), which are available in the form of fumigants, tracking powders, and acute and delayed toxicity baits. Rodenticides should be used in conjunction with traps for effective control. All rodenticides are poisonous at various levels for poultry, livestock, and humans. Caution in the use of rodenticides is required, and manufacturer’s label instructions should be strictly followed.
  • Keep the bait stations with baiter always in the rat congested area
  • If the bait station emptied immediately fill the rat eliminator
  • If the bait station destroyed by the rats that indication of more population of the rats then keep more bait station with baiter.
  • Always keeps the bait station rat safety area, like in the darkness area, water proof, near the walls
  • Keep the bait station with water in separate bowls promotes more baiting
  • Keep the bait station in safety zone of poultry

Ready to use – for indoor and outdoor use

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  • Multi feed
  • Highly attractive, last acting deadly
  • Central hole design for use within a rat eliminator station

Available in 250gm, 1kg, and 20kg