Mycotoxins are chemical metabolites of fungi that causes a wide variety of harmful effects in poultry depending on the nature and concentration of toxins in the diet, kind of birds, age, nutritional status and health status of birds.

It has been consistently seen worldwide that the immune system is an important target of mycotoxins, causing adverse effects on the normal immune response resulting in suppression of one or more immune functions. These immune failures predispose animals to severe vaccine reactions low humoral or local antibody levels, and making animal more prone to bacterial and viral diseases.

Mycotoxins with the strongest effect on birds immune system include aflatoxins, ochratoxins and the Trichothecenes group (T-2).


TOX-O-BIND is an activated, board spectrum,dipolar Phyllosilicate specially formulated to absorb and retain all major mycotoxinsincluding Aflatoxin, ochratoxin and T-2 upto5000 ppb level.


TOX-O-BIND is comptible with all feed ingredients and does not affect or absorb any of amino acids, vitamins or minerals.


Provides excellent absorption of wide range of mycotoxins like Aflatoxin, Ochratoxin and T-2. Minimizes the changes of toxins transfer to chick from breeder and helps in improving immunity of chicks from breeder flocks. Reduces chances of immuno suppression TOX-O-BIND fortified with combination of MOS and mixture of organic acids


1.0 kg per ton of finished feed. The dose depends on quantum of toxin in feed, kind of bird, age and health status of bird etc.

TOX-O-BIND in broiler fed with Aflatoxin up to 24 days of age.

Treatment DFI(gm) ADG(gm) FCR BW 4 days BW 24 days
Control 46.50a 27.93a 1.631a 78.71a 638.41a
Aflatoxin (7500 ppb) 34.91b 17.91b 1.90b 75.79a 445.98b
Tax-O-Bind + Aflatoxin
43.41a 25.92a 1.667a 76.68a 606.20a

TOX-O-BIND in broiler fed with Och ratoxin upto 24days of age.

Treatment DFI(gm) ADG(gm) FCR BW 7 days BW 24 days
Control 53.87a 3.05a 1.630a 82.45a 64.31a
Och Ratoxin (2000 ppb) 49.91b 27.67b 1.803b 82.63a 533.02b
Tax-O-Bind + Och Ratoxin
(2000 pb)
53.89a 32.63a 1.651a 85.19a 639.90a

TOX-O-BIND in broiler fed with T-2 upto 40days of age.

Treatment Body weight Feed Intake FCR Spleen wt/100g BW Live wt/100g BW Spleen wt/100g BW
Control 179a 3698a 2.06a 0.12a 2.5a 0.6a
T-2 (10v00 ppb) 1281b 2928b 2.12b 0.09b 2.4a 0.5a
Tax-O-Bind + T-2
(1000 pb)
1801a 3717a 2.06a 0.12a 2.5a 0.6a

Values in superscripts denotes the statistical significance.
DFI – Daily Feed Intake: ADG – Average Daily Gain: all values in gram except ratios